Still Life ♦ Landscape ♦ Flora and Fauna

Gail Moreland is an award-winning photographer, a mystery writer, and a former trial lawyer
based in Woodstock, Illinois. She exhibits her photographs widely, and her photographs have been published in Midwest Prairie Review, a literary journal of the University of WisconsinMadison, and showcased in McHenry County Magazine. She participates in Rockford Art Scene’s spring and fall art shows and the McHenry County Area Studio Art Tour. She is a member of Northwest Area Arts Council. In addition to her website, Gail’s photographs are available at Fortunate Discoveries
Gallery, 1022 W. Armitage, in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago.

Gail’s passion is translating the natural beauty around us into photographs she can share. She is
inspired by beauty. Gail looks for inspiration primarily in her native Midwest, but also
wherever else she happens to be.

Photography is chasing light to capture the emotion of the scene. The reason for clicking the shutter is the final print, the physical expression of the photographer’s vision, the emotional connection between the photographer and the viewer. Gail prints all of her images herself, devoting as much, or more,
time to making the final print as she does to making the image.

Gail’s art will enhance your home, vacation cottage, or office for years to come. Thank you for visiting. For purchase information, please contact INFO@GAILMORELANDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM.